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The Internet is a boon to the world. It has made long-distance communication possible and connected the whole world in a series of deeply rooted networks.

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Internet usage has grown over time. In the present scenario, everyone has access to the internet some way or the other. With the internet, there is an increase in the ability to find information quickly.

On the basis of UCLA experiment by Gary Small, it was noted that experienced internet surfers showed more brain activity over novice users. By spending online time in searching for data, the brain activity increases. Internet users find information more quickly over the people using books.


The Internet is a boon to the world. It has made long-distance communication possible and connected the whole world in a series of deeply rooted networks.

  1. The Internet is a convenient way of finding information.

Everything is available on the internet. There is so much that can be easily found on the internet that it has become a huge platform for information sharing. People from all over the world use the internet as a platform to voice their opinion and state what is happening. It has become a convenient and quick way of finding information. Just one click and there are several links found for the information.

  1. Internet learning eliminates the need for carrying several pounds of books during travelling.

The Internet is basically a kind of external drive which one connected, opens up a plethora of information. With the ability to find information online quickly, one does not have to carry the printed versions while travelling. With the internet, information is available on the go. An individual simply has to open the smart device, connect to the internet and search for content.

  1. Internet learning helps kids with interactive learning.

Print books only offer words and pictures as an explanation of concepts. But when it comes to the internet, there are audios, visuals and various 3D videos about how the stuff works. Children can easily understand difficult concepts by using the internet than studying through print books. The use of interactive technology helps in cognitive learning and deeper understanding. Children have fun while learning, which makes the concepts clearer for them.

  1. The Internet is full of current scenarios brimming with updated information.

One can simply search for the matter online and be updated with the current scenario. Books are printed, processed and then sold while the internet is current. News travels faster on the internet when compared to newspapers. When an incident happens, people update it on various internet sites and social networking sites immediately. But when it comes to print, newspapers are always printed at night. By finding information online, one remains updated with the happenings around the world.


With internet learning, there is an equal share of disadvantages.

  1. Quick learning means less learning.

The more quickly one tends to process the content, the more quickly he tends to forget the information. There is a decline in comprehensive learning when it comes to the internet. It is vital to take quality time in learning something to remember it, rather than simply grasping through it.

  1. Scrolling through the data tends to hamper deeper learning.

While scrolling through data available online, one tends to develop the urge of simply skimming through data and getting the gist of it. Web surfing restructures the way information is processed, condition the users to take in a lot of information quickly but without any depth.

When it comes to paper books, one can use various annotations for marking something useful. The screen reading might allow annotations but is not tactile. The physical print paper allows deeper comprehension of the material. The reader can understand the difficult concepts easily with print rather than on the internet. It has been proven through various studies that natural learning process is more by the use of paper rather than the screen.

  1. Not everything found online is a credible source of information.

Anyone can post anything on the internet. The Internet is a huge gamut of information which is a deep network with links. When a person searches for some information on the internet, it is extremely important to check whether the source is a viable one or not. There is lack of authenticity when it comes to new anonymous sources. A person has to deal with fake news and misinformation in order to search for the correct one.

  1. Information available on the internet comes with a fair share of distractions.

While browsing for content online, there are various distractions that sway the reader from the content. Since the internet uses web cookies in order to track user preferences, advertisements relating to user preferences pop up, making the user distracted. In the print, there is no distraction and only pictures to further simplify the topic. However, the videos, advertisements, pop-ups, displays etc make the internet reader spend more time in wasting time than actually using it for studying.