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The flagship bearer of phones, apple has devised a method for secretly calling up 911 using your fingerprint.

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The flagship bearer of phones, apple has devised a method for secretly calling up 911 using your fingerprint. Apple has now invented a secretive way of calling the emergency services with the help of touch. It aims to help the users in evading the potential attackers.

It managed to get a patent registered which was about the sense or the manner in which the finger would touch the iPhone screen for triggering the distress 911 call. This is to say that your iPhone can be customised for the distress call by a particular sequence of fingers, a gesture like swiping or pinching, a certain level of force or a certain amount of finger taps to the screen that can alert for the distress call.

For example, the user can easily use the thumb for unlocking the phone on daily basis and set up his middle finger as the distress call connector aka 911. Whenever the user finds himself in danger or wants to use the emergency services, he can do that by placing his middle finger on the scanner. This would alert the 911 operator without it being visible on the phone screen.

As soon as the panic command gets activated, the iPhone would automatically send the user’s location to the call operator. Along with this, the phone can also live stream video or audio from the location. According to the registered patent, the system can be used for activating various other mobile commands also.  The patent application does specify that while by using various phones, emergency calls can be made from locked screen, the call screen can be easily visible to the watcher.

This mobile emergency attack patent also specifies how you can customise the phone for sending the distress call. The phone’s response is also user oriented. It does not have to be a distress call to 911. It can also be assigned to a contact. The call with lead to giving your GPS coordinates to the mentioned contact.

But with the help of this new patented technology, the distress call can be made easily without letting anyone guess it. It can be made in secret while the user can pretend to be trying to unlock their phones. But as of now, the technology isn’t yet available and there is no clue about the date. The feature is kind of an upgrade to Apple’s SOS feature present in the Apple watch for supporting emergency calls.