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Festivals have always been about cosmic experiences that make your time fly away in some beautiful mind-melting moments.

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Festivals have always been about cosmic experiences that make your time fly away in some beautiful mind-melting moments.

The enchanting Bluedot festival combines music and science under a radio telescope and celebrates positivity and possibility. Bluedot is the latest festival of discovery at Jodrell Bank where you can quench your thirst for attaining the knowledge of cosmos. Bluedot basically gives an invite to camp out under the heavenly stars and get involved in a stellar programme of science, arts, culture, music, technology, film and food.

The entire mission of the Bluedot festival is to entertain, engage and inspire you throughout the full weekend of performances, encounters, comedy, DJ sets, talks, live experiments and workshops. The famous Jodrell Bank observatory has always been used for playing live music.

At Jodrell Bank, there is a gigantic 76-metre radio telescope for detecting cosmic radio waves. Sigur Ros, Pixies, Elbow and Flaming Lips amongst others have given their ground-breaking memorable performances in the shadow created by the 76 metre in diameter, one of a kind and unique Lovell radio telescope.

Bluedot is the annual festival which is dedicated to science, music and technology. It features a variety of films, bands, along with wacky installations that are spread across the weekend. The crowd is usually very friendly and the people dress up in various outfits. Some dress up as Jedi and some wear the suits of astronauts. Logos of NASA can be seen everywhere. The T-shirts feature puns, questions and jokes and is worn by the nerds.

Luminarium is a huge inflatable alien spaceship with is full of various different chambers that are lit by exotic yet calming colours. The kids bounce off the walls and the grown-ups tend to relax themselves in the rubbery vestibules. The gardens of Jodrell Bank are made out in patterns which help in understanding the movement of planets.

The live music acts as a backdrop and is very soothing and energising. The science fiction theme is apparent and there are lie quiz panels that pit fans of Star Wars against the fans of Star Trek. There is also workshops and science talks that feature robotics, space travel, understanding hay fever- absolutely everything- by the expert professors.

There is a variety of cuisine and provision of clean toilets. People from all ages attend the festival. Anyone who loves music, science, technology, innovation and etc, Bluedot is the best place for her/him to be. The presence of Lovell Telescope acts as a symbol of our thirst for knowledge.