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Technology needs to be incorporated into the teaching methods.


Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. There are various options for technology which can be easily implemented in teaching methods for enhancing the level of teaching and making it more effective and knowledgeable.

Often it happens that a teacher is not considered worthy simply because he/she can’t seem to explain a difficult concept easily. The effectiveness of a teacher is dependent on how the teacher is perceived by the students. But with time, technology has given various options for the teachers to explain the concepts easily to the students. For getting good results, technology needs to be incorporated into the teaching methods. Technology doesn’t hamper the method of teaching but only acts as a catalyst for it.

There are several ways in which technology can be incorporated into teaching methods for uplifting the quality of education. Some of them are-

  1. The concept of online teaching.

It is no more uncommon to conduct online classes for a subject. In developed countries, various universities are practising the method of introducing online classes for the students. A website of the college is created where every student has an online account. Whenever the teacher is unwell or unable to attend the classes, they can easily upload the entire lecture online for the students to learn. The online communication enables the students to raise questions and quench their queries.

The teacher can also upload various lectures online for an extra explanation. This enables the teacher to explain the concept in depth to the students who want to understand. The extra classes help in saving the time for students and teachers who are free from the time constraints.

  1. The use of multimedia for teaching.

Blackboard or whiteboard or green boards are no longer the only methods of teaching. In fact, the boards are not often visible to everyone in the class. The students who are backbenchers fail to see some portions of the board and miss out on notes. The constant erasing and writing becomes tiresome for the teachers along with the students who have to fasten up their writing speed in order to write down the notes.

But by using multimedia options for teaching in class, the teachers are able to explain the concept without writing down anything. Whether it is audio, visual or powerpoint presentation, the students tend to learn faster and more effectively. For instance, by using powerpoint presentation to teach in the class, the teacher can use a projector and enlarge all the slides so that all the students can easily see the written content. The best part of the whole deal is that the teacher can later give the multimedia files to the students in their pen drives for later revision. This way, their attention is not divided in making the notes. They can simply study in the class and later on collect the notes.

The relevant course material can be easily taught by the teachers by using documentaries, videos and play movies. This captures the attention of the students more. The topics look interesting and it is fun to study.

  1. The concept of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a field of technology which employs the use of computer-induced images in order to produce realistic images. The use of special electronic equipment likes gloves and helmet creates multiple projected environments that trick the brain into believing a fake environment as real. The person wearing the equipment tends to believe that the projected environment is real.

By using virtual reality as a teaching tool, the students can learn quickly through experiences. The use of virtual reality helps in retaining the information gathered from various sources. For instance, a field trip to Moon can be easily planned by using virtual reality in the classroom. This would give the child an experience of going to the Moon without actually going there. He/she can learn more effectively by experiencing the living conditions on Moon than simply reading about it.

There would be a lot of time needed before such technology can be used in classrooms. However, 3D imagery and film concept is available easily and can be incorporated into the teaching methods until virtual reality comes.

  1. Access to digital libraries.

This is the era of digitalisation. No one wants to carry the print books anymore. Textbooks can be replaced with eBooks, notebooks with laptops and notes with emails. This way there will a lot of time and space saved and a lot of progress made. There should be access to digital libraries which can help in making notes.

The use of innovative techniques for teaching can benefit both- the students and the teacher. The new methods of teaching need to be incorporated in order to go for operational teaching. It is the time that teaching methods should be renewed to make them more interesting and fun. It is important to gain knowledge- and if it is done in a fun way, it would be retained for long.