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Which computer languages are going to be most important in the future?

The computer programming has evolved beyond the JAVA scripting and is being used for every technological invention.

Which computer languages are going to be most important in the future?

When it comes to computer programming, the languages keep on changing with time. Gone are the days when a simple C++ would have made people expert in computer programming. The computer programming has evolved beyond the JAVA scripting and is being used for every technological invention. Whether it is designing a website or building a robot- computer programming plays a vital role.

In the past, Pascal was the official computer programming language until the 1980s. But with the advent of C and C++, it declined. The syntax or basic formula of the computer programming is easy and once you get the gist of it, programming becomes easy. In order to understand new emerging coding languages, one needs to understand the need, automation, bugs in old languages etc.

Here is the list of twelve languages that are going to pave their way into future-

  1. R

Even though it has been prevalent since 1995, it rose to fame recently. Currently, R is being used to cash in on big data by companies like Google, Facebook and even Pfizer. It uses a statistical method of unlocking huge chunks of clustered data. It can perform data analysis with ease and helps even in selecting a subset of data. However, the only downfall of the language lies in the fact that it is only aimed at desktops and not other technologies.

  1. Go

It was created by Google in 2007 as an open-source language which could be used for creating reliable yet simple applications quickly. This was a perfect solution for APIs and web servers since they needed only a few web-based applications. It even handles various features concurrently which can run alongside other functions or channels. The various goroutines interact with each other to select the best way of achieving the goal.

  1. Java 8

Even though Java isn’t any new language, Java 8 is a little different. It helps in unlocking the parallelism that runs in the written codes. It gives more structure to Java virtual machine for optimising the results. It consists of fewer bugs, is fast and is clean.

  1. Swift

Objective C, used in the past by Apple, was a messy language to code. Apple introduced Swift language which hides the creation of juggling pointers, header files etc, making it smoother. It helps the iPhone coders to execute codes as swiftly as any others with a cleaner syntax. It runs on platforms like iOS and OS X. Companies like Yahoo and LinkedIn already use Swift for programming.

  1. CoffeeScript

When it came to Java, the endless brackets and semicolons seemed to kill a lot of time. This gave rise to a need for something refreshing and cleaner. Hence, CoffeeScript came into existence that uses syntactic shorthand and converts it into a regular JavaScript. It saved a lot of time consumed in typing the semicolons and the brackets. The codes become easier to read and it can be remembered easily. It eliminates the deeply nested codes which make it a cleaner programming code.

  1. Arduino

This language is an open source electronics platform that comes with an integrated development environment and a circuit board which can be programmed. So far, it has helped in creating 3D printers, musical instruments, building robots along with launching satellites. To make matters simple, Arduino is a simplified version of C++. The language can be easily used for creating interactive objects.

  1. Python

It resembles English which makes it simple and readable. Python replaced Java as a learning language owing to its simplicity yet effectiveness and adaptive nature. Whether it is data analysis or creation of web applications, Python can be easily used. Companies like NASA, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest use Python as their website coding language.

  1. Ruby

It is a user-friendly language that can be easily understood. It can be used for building mobile applications and creating websites. The language is more of dynamic object-oriented scripts since it helps in quick development without using heavy coding. Rails are one of the add-on frameworks for Ruby.

  1. PHP

When the data is dynamic and heavy, PHP can be used for programming. More than 200 million websites include PHP on their websites like WordPress, Facebook etc. There are a lot of pre-built modules found online which can be customised according to preference.

  1. D

D is used for updating the C and C++ languages. It adds various modern conveniences to the language like memory management and type inference. It also bounds checking.

  1. Haskell

Haskell is being used for delivering real performance related to real projects. It is extremely popular and is being used by companies for various projects.


For mathematicians and scientists trying to find solutions for their complex equations, MATLAB is used. More developers are using the language for simplifying the complex mathematical equations and analysing statistics.