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Artificial intelligence can only spin an article, but only writers can write it with a fresh perspective.


Artificial intelligence is doing a great job in sales and marketing than humans. Artificial intelligence can easily analyse the sales calls faster than it would take any human to do so. Currently, artificial intelligence is already being used for developing the content strategies in marketing as well as maintaining the email marketing playbooks.

Even though only 3.8% of the writing jobs can be automated, there are various jobs that can easily be taken up by a robot. Technological evolution is happening which would make robots take up various jobs, replacing the humans.


  1. Telemarketers and advertising salesperson

Telemarketers don’t need high intellectual, emotional or social level for becoming successful. They simply inform about the new products and services offered. Making the voice automated will only serve the purpose of time management. Human employees tend to make some mistakes during the call or can goof up. With automated telemarketers and robo-calls, there will be easy communication.

When it comes to advertising salesperson, social media platforms have become a rage when it comes to buying a product. The free APIs (application program interfaces) help the marketing firms to make more money by projecting the advertisement related to user’s searched history.

  1. Claim representatives and insurance underwriters

Japan is already employing the use of artificial intelligence to calculate the Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance funds. The use of software reduces time, and efficiently analyses and interprets the complex data easily.

  1. Bank representatives

ATM machines have already taken up various human banking jobs that allowed transfer of money. With recent development, artificial intelligence will soon replace the bank employees and conduct cash transactions, open accounts, process loans- all at a faster rate than humans.

  1. Bookkeeping clerks and receptionists

By 2024, almost 8% of the jobs will decline in this sector. Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, FreshBooks etc already help in bookkeeping. Soon, the entire job will be automated. Even when it comes to receptionists, the automated phones can do the job effectively.

  1. Proofreaders

Currently, even the proficient writers use proofreading software to correct the faults in their written works. Whether it is Grammarly or Hemingway Application, technologies make self-checking the written work easily.

  1. Market research analysts and financial analysts

These people help in formulating a message, deciding upon the content of the product along with studying the target audience. The automated systems can do the job easily with less time taken. Human financial analysts pale in comparison to artificial intelligent robots. The robots recognise the trend easily with respect to given history and predict the future market moves. More than 30% of the jobs will decline.

  1. Construction workers

Back in the 1960s, robotic arms replaced the auto workers in an assembly line in the factories. Since then, robots have been used for replacing manual labour. The advancement in algorithms, computers and robots has managed to transform the workplace. For instance, Semi-Automated Mason helps in laying down 1200 bricks per day as compared to a 500 by a human. Even though a human is needed to operate SAM, it eliminates the need for more workers.

  1. Taxi drivers

The role of drivers has been eliminated by the discovery of driverless cars. The cars run on artificial intelligence that navigates and drives the passengers safely without the need for human help. Cruise control comes with various electronic computer devices which enable human-free experience.

  1. Delivery agents

Drones and robots are already replacing delivery agents and courier service people. If this job becomes automated, there will less time is taken and more money saved.


  1. Compensation and Benefits Manager

This job is likely to grow by 7% by 2024. Humans can handle more hurdles, cost and delays in time over robots. However, artificial intelligence can help in saving time and efforts.

  1. Computer support specialists

By 2024, this job is expected to grow by 12%. There is so many guides, hacks, content, instructions etc on the internet that a company needs to take help from robots to filter it out. The support questions can be easily analysed by the robots and answered by a human employee.

  1. Human resource managers

This will always require a human to deal with interpersonal conflict using the reasoning skills and non-cognitive behaviour.

  1. Sales managers

This job requires high emotional intelligence for meeting deadlines, expanding the network and encouraging the team for collaborating with customers. The constant needs of adaptation to new situations require human support.

  1. Public relations manager

When it comes to handling relationships, PR managers need humans for raising funds and encouraging people to participate in an event regarding some issue.

  1. Event planners

Event planners coordinate the events; negotiate with contractors and freelancers for making the event become successful. It is not possible for a machine to use organisational skills along with managing other jobs to manage an event.

  1. Chief executives

You simply can’t automate a leader. No one wants their earnings report or information regarding strategy from a machine.

  1. Writers

No one can replace a writer since a write creates, ideate and produces the original content. Artificial intelligence can only spin an article, but only writers can write it with a fresh perspective.