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Coffee, is a beverage that almost everyone, from all sorts of life, all phases of life is addicted to.

Coffee, is a beverage that almost everyone, from all sorts of life, all phases of life is addicted to. It is not just a beverage but also a necessity, as they say. While some people call it the one of the most unhealthy beverages you could drink, science confirms that coffee can actually be the healthiest beverage you could opt for.



It is not just a caffeine supplement but also a great source of nutrients that offer health benefits. Coffee is composed of different compounds , few of which are really good for health. Caffeine is one of the prominent ingredients that everyone knows, but other ingredients include antioxidants that protect our body from oxidation.

Oxidation, in simple terms, is the reason behind ageing and diseases like cancer and cardiac problems. Though it might seem very hard to believe but actually, coffee is one of the biggest sources of anti oxidants in the world.

All these facts are put to tests and studies have claimed that drinking coffee actually reduces the chance of dying from serious diseases. Studies have actually shown that drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day actually reduces the risk of death by 12-16%. However, an average consumption of 1-2 cups also reduces the risk by 5-6%, clearly proving that a little bit is enough to have an effect.



To be specific, coffee drinkers are less likely to catch infections, die from injuries, accidents, cardiac diseases, respiratory problems etc, to name a few. It is not the caffeine that is miraculous, it is some other compound, that is yet to be researched, which works wonders. Studies have shown that both decaffeinated and acaffeinated beverage, yields the same effect.

Two studies have also shown and proven that coffee drinkers have a reduced chance of premature death. Coffee is said to reduce chances of depression by 20% thus reducing the risk of suicide by almost 35%. Drinking coffee makes you happier and all this is proven by numerous studies conducted over the years.

This proves that coffee is not the unhealthiest of them all as though it does not ensure protection but it does not cause diseases too, unlike how people perceive it. Coffee has been made a villain by all those not coffee drinkers, but these studies over that last decade, have solved all the health related and safety queries of the coffee consumers.