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Eco Tourism: A Step Towards the Conservation of The Environment

Can endangered areas and animals be saved by helping local people develop alternative economies like raising tropical fish or ecotourism

Eco Tourism: A Step Towards the Conservation of The Environment

Eco Tourism. What is it, why is it important and why have you been hearing this word all around? Here’s everything you need to know.

What exactly is Eco Tourism?

Eco tourism also known as sustainable tourism, is a form of tourism which is sustainable in nature and directs to help in the preservation of nature. It is all about responsible traveling. It involves traveling to places rich in flora, fauna and natural wonders. The primary objective of eco-tourism is in the preservation and conservation of the environment by bringing about awareness in the tourists. It helps them bring closer to nature so that they can enjoy nature and understand its workings. Eco tourism also aims to bring about a delicate balance to our ecosystem.

How is Eco Tourism helpful?

In recent times, we have seen more damage done to the environment than the initiatives taken to protect it. We are living in the times of the philosophy “me, myself, and I”. The only concern of humans today is to live for the now, live for themselves and use up all available resources excessively without giving it a second thought. Now the problem with this school of thought is that it has led us to the degradation of the environment. Not only is this going to affect our generation but is also going to have an adverse impact on the lives of the generations to come. The damage the current and past generations have done to the environment is unimaginable. This damage has led to famines, tsunamis, depletion of the water table, and endangerment of animals. ┬áPlants, animals, insects, everything is a part of a complex ecosystem. This affects the water we use, the air we breathe in and the land we live on. If there is a disturbance in this balance of our ecosystem, it leads to the destruction of the environment. The damage so extensive, that sometimes it is irreparable. This is where eco-tourism comes into play. It aims to bring about positive changes in the attitude of the public towards the environment and to help them minimize the damage they do to it.

Eco-tourism is not only a boon to the environment, but it also helps in improving the economies of the conservation projects that are taken up to help protect the environment. We may never be able to salvage the damage that we have done to the environment we exist in. However, it is still very essential to take preventive steps so that the damage done in the future is minimized. So, the next time you are planning a trip, think of eco-tourism and travel to those places that promote eco-traveling. Not only will it give you a new and refreshing experience, but it will also help build the environment for the betterment, for us and for the future generations to come.