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Technology acts as a catalyst in enhancing the level of teaching.

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Technology has made its way into every arena of human life. Whether it is doing daily mundane activities or learning knowledge, technology makes life easier. There are several technological options that can be easily incorporated into teaching methods for increasing the efficiency of teaching and making studies more effective. Technology acts as a catalyst in enhancing the level of teaching.

Use of technology can be good or bad. If used in moderation, it can give the following benefits:

  1. By the use of technology, students can pay attention to the class with full concentration.

It often happens that when the teacher teaches, students hurry to jot down the notes. In this process, they can hardly pay attention to the class lecture and what the teacher is explaining. The race of simply noting down everything for future reference renders them unable to concentrate completely on the subject being taught.

By allowing iPads, they can simply click the picture of the board by the end of the class and they are good to go. They won’t have to write down the notes anymore. They can simply pay full concentration to the teacher and study effectively. The use of technology can help students to collaborate with others in dispensing the information.

  1. By using digital tools, there will be no more need of carrying a ton of books around. The education can move beyond the classroom.

Sometimes, students fail to bring some textbooks in the class or they forget to bring a pen. By replacing laptops with textbooks, they can easily type their notes, make assignments on time and eliminate the need for carrying the additional weight of books around. By using audiobooks, they can access the books easily without even reading. They can simply plug in their earphones and listen to the lecture while on the go.

The use of eBooks eliminates the need for carrying textbooks, guides, etc. Owing to the fact that annotations can be easily made on eBooks, there is no need for carrying stationary around. It not only reduces the overall cost of study materials but also makes the student learn faster.

For instance, by using iPads, students don’t have to use the computer lab. They can finish their assignments on the go. Mobile classroom technology acts as a bridge between the classroom and home learning.

  1. By using video and other multimedia options, the difficult concepts can be easily understood.

There are several topics which are extremely difficult to understand. That time, a teacher can simply use a video clip to explain the concept or show a film for getting the essence of the play etc. If iPads are allowed, students can open their web browser and open the link that their teacher gives them for studying. Online lectures help the students to further ask any queries to the teacher and clarify their doubts. Projectors can be used for showcasing the powerpoint slides during a lecture. The students can learn with the presentation easily and later collect the file from the teacher.

  1. Social media and websites can help in uploading the study material online.

Facebook pages or groups can help in connecting the entire batch in one group outside the school. Today’s generation is more tech savvy than the previous. An individual can forget having food but he does not forget to check his social media page. The teacher can easily make a social media domain which can be used by the teachers for uploading the notes collectively. For instance, during exam time, maximum notes are exchanged on WhatsApp groups.

This facilitates online communication and solving queries. Any syllabus or notice about surprise tests is more likely to be noticed on social media pages than the school’s notice boards. Teachers can easily create their own websites and populate them with links, resources and ample information. The mobile apps can be used for grading the student work, providing lesson plan databases, uploading attendance etc. Online attendance helps the student in rectifying any error made by the teacher in marking his presence.

  1. Technology makes learning fun.

There is no doubt that an individual goes to school for gaining knowledge. But long hours of constant studying can make him feel monotonous and bored. He might tend to lose focus and crib about the constant pressure. The attention span decreases as the day progresses. The mind of the child gets weary after the fourth or fifth lecture, if not before.

The use of technology can help in breaking the monotony of boring lectures. The technology uses several interactive methods of teaching a child. This can help him in understanding the concepts better while having fun. The ‘learn while you play’ type educational games, quizzes, videos etc are always the best way of imparting knowledge.


With the use of technology, lies a great opportunity. There might be some pitfalls with some technologies like the cost, but it always helps in maximising student learning. Students are utilising more technologies for learning faster and becoming smarter. Technology can help in bridging the gap between the teacher and student. The teacher can make himself/herself available online to the class which would enable the student to clarify their doubts any time, during the exam time.