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STEM careers focus majorly on development, research and creation based activities.

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The STEM is the used acronym for the arena of science, technology, engineering and maths. STEM career consist of all the jobs that can be dealt with when an individual is educated in study areas involving computer science, engineering, physical and life sciences along with mathematics. While studying for STEM career, one can also switch to career fields like health professions, social science and even health technology!

STEM field teaches the important facts and skills needed in life. Career paths can be taken based on what a person wants to learn from this field. STEM career focus on learning and developing new things that help an individual to get prepared for the future.

STEM career focus majorly on development, research and creation based activities. STEM career act as a link between the individuals of today and the science of tomorrow. .



STEM career basically involve staying up with the changing times and gaining complete knowledge for future technologies. The individuals studying STEM subjects have an edge over people who don’t. They have more opportunities and can change, create and save lives.

Some of the reasons for pursuing STEM career are-

  • There is a lot of money in the field of STEM career since the workers earn more than in any other field. There is an abundance of money in this line and the ROI is increasing with every passing year.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment ratio of STEM caree has increased and would increase further on. Between the years 2012 to 2022, the jobs are expected to increase to a million more job opportunities. This does not mean that STEM career are cut out for everyone. Every individual is different with varied aptitudes, interests, work values etc and hence they should choose accordingly. It’s just that STEM discipline consists of a lot of occupations from which an individual can decide upon their own.
  • Irrespective of the educational qualifications, you can find occupation related to STEM career. You don’t require bachelor’s, diploma, associate, master’s or even doctoral degree for pursuing this field.
  • When you also add Arts to STEM, it can help an individual in developing skills like time management, critical reasoning, presentation skills, communication skills and even problem-solving.



  • Sit with your child and watch the programmes about STEM career, and related topics in order to discuss their interest area.
  • Let your child explore new areas and encourage them to be curious about the workings of the world. Whenever they have any science project coming up, support them and help them in making it. Also, make sure to explain the concept behind it.
  • When your child is studying, notice his/her subject interests and encourage them to join a maths or science club at their school.
  • Always plan an outing with your kid to some museum, science centres, science exhibitions, science and technology inventions etc. Work out on some simple science experiments at home to explain how it works.
  • If you have a friend who is in the STEM career, let them come over and guide your child related to it. Do research about the STEM-related jobs, careers, tasks, pay benefits, work requirements etc.



  • Astrology clubs should be joined in order to develop interest in science/
  • Study the surrounding plants and insects. Carry out some simple biology experiments and observe more.
  • Visit zoo or farms regularly and observe the animal life closely.
  • During the vacations, joins some workshop dealing with STEM fields. Or take up some technical hobby which involves building something like a model.
  • Do internship under people working in a STEM-related field.
  • You can even help in organising an event like fundraisers which would involve budget planning, calculations, making account sheets and utilising maths skills.
  • Do research work after building a hypothesis about a project. Collect data, conduct interviews by conducting some questionnaires, make sheets and analyse the findings.



STEM careers cover up a vast range of field with new additions happening every now and then. There are a lot of STEM career options under a lot of disciplines. Some of them include-

  1. Computer science

    When you choose to study further in this field, you can bag jobs like becoming-

    • Video game designers: These people design the crux of video games, make innovations, implement storylines and even design the character according to the biographies.
    • Mechatronics engineers- These people develop intelligent systems, various smart devices and research about the same.
    • Computer programmers- These people make and test the programming codes which are basically the scripts on which any computer application work.
    • Web developers- These are the people who help in designing the applications and software which makes the website work. These also write the scripts for the website to run on.

    Some other job applications related to this field are-

    • Computer hardware engineers
    • Computer systems analysts
    • Software developers
    • Security management specialists
    • Accountants
    • Business intelligence analysts
    • Graphic designers
    • Operations research analysts
    • Database administrators
    • Information security analysts

    There are various other jobs available too. With the cybersecurity issues happening every now and then, there is an emerging need for people who can qualify for such roles.

  2. Science and Technology

    When you choose to study further in this field, you can bag jobs like becoming-

    • Soil and plant scientists- These people help in conducting the research work in production, breeding, yield management of the agricultural crops including nursery stock, pests control, soil growth etc.
    • Biochemists and biophysicists- These people help in studying the chemical composition, mechanical energy, physical principles and overall working of the living cells and other organisms.
    • Chemical engineers- These people help in designing chemical plant equipment and develop products like plastics, cement, pulp, paper, synthetic rubber, gasoline etc.
    • Forensic scientist- These people help in collecting data from the crime scenes and analyse it to find the culprit.

    Some other job applications related to this field are-

    • Chemists
    • Biochemical engineers
    • Chemical technicians
    • Natural sciences managers
    • Teachers
    • Chemical equipment operators and tenders

    There are various other jobs that can be found when the individual chooses chemistry as their career stream.

  3. Engineering

    When you choose to study further in this field, you can bag jobs like becoming-

    • Biomedical engineers- These are the people who use their knowledge of biology, engineering, and biomechanics and apply it for designing the health-related systems like prostheses, care delivery systems, artificial organs, medical information systems and various other instruments.
    • Petroleum engineers- These are the people who help in devising ways of improving the process and production of oil and gas extraction which helps in modifying tool designs.
    • Agricultural engineers- These are the people who use their knowledge of engineering and biology in the field of agriculture. They help in increasing the yield of agricultural products, conservation of soil and water etc.

    Some other job applications related to this field are-

    • Automotive engineering technicians
    • Construction managers
    • Mechanical engineers
    • Transportation engineers
    • Marine architects
    • Materials scientists
    • Nuclear engineers
    • Cost estimators
    • Avionics engineers
    • Architectural Drafters
    • Wind turbine service technicians
    • Validation engineers
    • Civil engineers
    • Transportation planners

    The list is endless with an abundance of career options. Nuclear energy is currently the most buzzing topic where scientists are trying to develop more ways of harvesting it. There are more fields emerging every year with a need for more engineers to work on it.

  4. Environmental Science

    When you choose to study further in this field, you can bag jobs like becoming-

    • Environmental engineers- These people research and perform their duties by preventing, controlling and providing the remedy of any environment-related hazard.
    • Biofuels managers- These people help in evaluating the feedstock for processing technologies which have commercial potential.


    Some other job applications related to this field are-

    • Environmental engineering technicians
    • Teachers of environmental science
    • Environmental science and protection technicians
    • Climate change analysts

    The biggest problem that the world faces today is environment related. With the temperature rise, there is a need for control in pollution rate and reduction in emission of carbon in the atmosphere. The Earth is heating up and without people doing their bit, it will soon become intolerable to live on this planet. Climate change analysts help in giving warning signals before it becomes too late to do anything.