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Facebook is one network which dominates all other social networks for networking and connectivity purposes. Despite the wide spread popularity, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, isn’t very happy with this fact alone. He wants us to see the things that aren’t even there in reality.

There is a patent application filed on 17th August, according to which, Facebook is also working on to design the augmented reality glasses that can help in displaying the objects of the digital world into the physical world. Without revealing that Facebook would be developing in such product, Zuckerberg had shown interest in doing so by posting pictures of such glasses and how it would be the basic future of augmented reality.



If the company manages to create its own augmented reality (AR) hardware, Facebook would be able to have its own computing platform. Zuckerberg claims that the use of augmented reality is the next big thing in the world of technology. It is like having whatever you wish for in few seconds that aren’t real but would give the similar kind of satisfaction.



A pair of glasses containing transparent displays as lenses would be used along with an application for the waveguide display consisting of a two-dimensional scanner. The light would then flow in the displays, distributing and refracting the light into the eyes of the user. It is still a little hazy to understand whether or not the image displayed can be also seen by the ones who look at the glasses.

The patented application says that the waveguide display would be incorporated in an object of eye-wear which can also consist of a frame along with a display assembly that would portray the media into the eyes of the user.

Oculus is the virtual reality company acquired by the Facebook in 2014. The entire augmented reality technology by Facebook is being developed there only. As per the reports, one of the authors of the patent is a lead scientist for optics at Oculus and has also been instrumental in helping in the building of the optical system that worked for Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Till 2022, the technology isn’t expected to be available as reported by the Executive at Oculus. Even though Microsoft’s HoloLens is the first one in the field of augmented devices, it is only aimed at the professional uses. But with the growing field of augmented devices, all major companies including Apple and Magic Leap are also entering the field.