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A new vacancy has opened up at NASA which is titled as the planetary protection officer.

A new vacancy has opened up at NASA which is titled as the planetary protection officer.



The job entails a three year to five-yearposition with an annual income of $124000 to $187,000. The job entails frequent travelling and the security clearance level of the job is kept secret. The role of the officer includes protecting the Earth from the extra-terrestrial invasion (the alien contamination) and creating policies that ensure that humans don’t create troubles for other planets.

The candidate needs to be a US citizen holding a degree in engineering, physical science or mathematics. He or she has to ensure that there is no transportation of microbial life from Earth to other planets which can cause infection and vice versa. The candidate has to display technical expertise in taking sound decision independently and evaluate the findings in a complex situation.

The advertisement, created on 13th July, stated the requirement for the planetary protection officer who could oversee all the missions of space flight. The application is only open until 14th August.



This job vacancy was made in accordance with the federal requirements and the international treaties and agreements. This job was however originally created in 1967 in compliance withUS with International Outer Space Treaty.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order to resurrect the National Space Council for discussing the subject of sending people to Mars. He expressed his desire for the NASA to lay focus in exploring the deep space instead of basing their research on Earth only.

In 2014, there was a statement of concern raised by the previous planetary protection officer since 2006, Catherine Conley, about the contamination of planet Mars by the humans lest they died on Mars only. She made the request of preventing other planets from human contamination and avoid making the same mistakes that the humans have made on Earth.

Catherine stated that if an aquifer would be drilled on Mars, it is vital to keep the drilling clean as the organisms can grow in the aquifer, change the conditions. She stated how the previous missions ensured that there was no harm caused to the Martian landscape.

She said that the landerswere put in a bioshield and baked for complete sterilization. The current rovers analyse the environment and send back the data to Earth. Sending samples from Mar to Earth is risky but the planetary protection officer would make sure to reduce the risks.