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The Internet has developed to an extent where it is being used as a tool for spreading awareness, education and promoting new innovations and ideas.

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The Internet has changed the game completely with its utility and speed. The Internet is a marvel. There are millions of links that are interconnected across the globe for establishing a connection. The Internet has developed to an extent where it is being used as a tool for spreading awareness, education and promoting new innovations and ideas. Everyone can easily post their new discoveries online or have access to unlimited free information.

The quality and volume of accessible information online are huge. When compared to print, television and other forms of information transmission like radio, information can be easily accessed online without any effort. Almost everything is available on the internet. With access to the internet, the users get a platform (social media) to express their opinion freely. Websites like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other websites help in promoting talent.

The Internet is also actively helping people to break free from their narrow archaic thinking and embrace modernity. By reading stories from all over the world, people get aware of the need for various necessities in life and helped in changing the way people think about religion. Staying online and reading new stories help the users to change their thinking and accept the new changes. The Internet isn’t simply used for gathering information. It has moved to next level where it can provide financial security for the users.


  • Increasing transparency

Currently, there is no facility to look inside the internet. There is no way to determine whether the internet is doing what it claims. Offers are available which do not come with any promise of performance. The Internet can be made better if the service quality issue is dealt with proper care, there is more awareness about the source of the content, the jurisdiction it falls into and etc. Users desire to know about the availability of captive portal splash screen.

  • Making the internet more reliable, strong and flexible

If any damage is caused, the data helps in recovering all the lost files stored online. However, many times, the recovery process lags behind in time and does not give a user-friendly experience. If the internet is made better, the outages can be routed within milliseconds.

Currently, the internet consists of the multi-homing facility which forces various useless connections to be connected to one application only. However, by addressing the issues and modifying them, one can easily use the backup operational mode without any further ado. Currently, the internet allows interconnectivity without common operational performance. A better internet can help in solving the dependency issue on a service provider.

  • Employ cheaper plans catering to all sectors of consumers

Internet helps in sharing information across the globe. While some people can easily afford high rates for internet consumption, the middle sector and lower sector of the society can’t spend much money on the internet. The high costs of 4G data are not feasible for everyone. There need to be some plans that can make internet cheaper for everyone in the society. For Example, Reliance Jio came up with a scheme of paying 309 for 4G data with 1GB per day for 49 days of validity.

The Internet also needs to be simplified for making it automated and cheaper. Data needs to be scheduled properly in order to reduce the traffic at one particular time. Flexibility is as important as cutting down the costs.

  • Making it safe for society

A majority of times, internet hits the scaling limits. It is also believed that internet usage is leading to rising in networking warming. An advanced internet would not lag or bufferbloat (unwanted latency that happens when too much data is buffered by the network equipment). Next level internet would help in eliminating any performance related problems and act as a power grid who functioning is fully understandable. It would work sustainably without affecting safety.

Ever since the 1970s, LAN has been scaled higher to design the internet. Everyone trusts and connects with everyone. But with time, the world has changed with threats to security like hacking. The next level internet would provide more integrated society and control where movement of the intruders can be tracked.

  • Making it mobile friendly

On migrating from fixed access to mobile, the protocols were simply lifted from the fixed access and shifted to mobile access. However, the performance degraded owing to lack of designated working protocols. To ensure mobility, 3GPP and HLRs were created that did not have any link to the main architecture of the internet. If a mobile-friendly protocol is designed, it would enable a reduction in cost, more benefits and would work faster.

  • Anticipating the proper performance

Everyone who is engaged in some form of social media, wants the live voice or video streaming to work perfectly. However, it just doesn’t happen without any lagging. The improvement in mechanisms can help in solving the issue. A better internet would also enable fewer conflicts when it comes to policies and proving more scientific base for taking technical decisions.