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Ancestry DNA is basically the new DNA testing service that helps in letting an individual know about their ancestral history.

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Ancestry DNA is basically the new DNA testing service that helps in letting an individual know about their ancestral history. It uses the revolutionary latest technology for autosomal DNA testing. Autosomal DNA testing consists of testing all the 22 pairs of chromosomes other than the sex chromosomes (X, Y). But Ancestry DNA testing analyses the entire genomic structure of an individual- all 23 pairs of chromosomes. It makes use of the advanced DNA science in order to make predictions related to the individual’s genetic ethnicity in order to help him discover new family ties.

It connects and maps the ethnicity of the individual starting from earlier generations and then helps in finding more about one’s self. For instance, it helps in tracking down the area from which an individual’s ancestors belonged to and the possibility of individual adopting new heritages. It also makes up a list of possible DNA member matches and helps the individual to identify his or her relationship with some distant relatives.


Ancestry DNA holds the key to uncovering information about the genetic ethnicity by identifying the prospective DNA matches. The results help in knowing more about the one’s family history. Ancestry DNA testing uses micro-array based autosomal testing. This entails taking a swab of the individual’s saliva and surveying all of the genomes at more than 7 lac locations.

The test basically reveals the family’s past, cultural roots along with other information relating to family connections. It also helps in establishing a connection with new relatives. The newest members help in adding more relevant information to the family history. The test works on targeting the family’s history by just few hundred years. It usually takes six to eight weeks until the results arrive.


  • While using a private company for getting ancestry DNA testing done, one must pay extra fees and get information about the potential threat of acquiring diseases in future. But, if the individual does not have much knowledge about the family, it hinders the understanding of potential inherited conditions.
  • When it comes to a counsellor, the medical information is law-bound and privacy protected. Private companies can sell the DNA data for money while the Government companies cannot.
  • By getting ancestry DNA testing done, one must be aware of the amount of data one is willing to leak to the world. It is up to the individual to mark their information as public and private. There is no way others can see one’s personal information without express permission. However, when it is marked public, others can see an individual’s ethnic information, contact information along with the family tree.
  • One must always read the documents and privacy policy of the company before getting the test done. Companies might say that they are keeping the raw DNA safe, but make sure that it is written.


  • Ancestry DNA traces back to geographic areas and does not reveal specific countries or states from which the ancestors came around.
  • Along with the test results, the Ancestry DNA test also provides the list of individual’s relatives who have used the same company for getting their ancestry DNA testing done. It helps in giving an estimate of the relationship.
  • There are various companies to choose from like, and But their packages and deals vary compare and then select. If one’s relative uses other company to get it done, simply upload your own DNA test results on, a free website, which would match results from all the major ancestry DNA testing companies. This eliminates the need for getting re-tested.
  • There is a myth that women can’t take ancestral DNA testing. Anyone can task the test. Men and women get tested in the same manner for all the similar markers. Ancestral DNA testing does not focus on Y-chromosome (analysed for finding paternal lineage) or mitochondrial DNA (analysed for finding maternal lineage). Instead, it relies on studying an individual’s entire genomic structure.


  • The testing is gender neutral. The same level of detailed results is generated for both- men and women. Along with this, they are both marked in the same way for same markers.
  • It is basically enhanced DNA matching which studies a broader range of the DNA- identifying both of the maternal and paternal family history.
  • The test generates information which is more recent and relevant.
  • It helps in predicting one’s genetic ethnicity from all over the world.
  • It is extremely comprehensive in nature, covering all lineages.
  • Advanced, state-of-art techniques are used for generating the results of the test. The test results are accurate. They can also predict the potential future medical conditions based on family history.