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Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, claimed that he is not at all satisfied with the scientific progress in India.

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Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, claimed that he is not at all satisfied with the scientific progress in India. He called for a meeting and told the officials from related departments that he expects more from the scientists in devising methods for solving problems like malnutrition.

At 103rd Indian Science Congress, Mysuru, Modi encouraged a greater scientific collaboration between the state and central institutions and agencies for cooperative federalism. He asked the Indian scientists to keep the equity, environment, energy and economy at their core for developing science.

He had a 90-minute interaction with the Secretaries of various scientific departments and claimed that even though he isn’t qualified enough to give solutions to the problems, he has certain problems that need to be addressed.

He wants to work at innovations that are at a grassroots level for solving the problems of the country. He heard from the scientists regarding the ongoing research developments in the field of science and the expected outcomes.

Modi emphasised on science, innovation and technology is the key to prosperity and progress of India. In the field of sports, he even asked the scientists to devise a way by which they can find out the brightest talent amongst the school children only.

In the field of agriculture, he wants to identify the high-protein pulses amongst various other nutritional foods which are a priority today and need to gain speed in their development. In the energy sector, he wants the optimum use of solar energy for a reduction in the dependency on energy imports.

He urged the scientists to find cost effective solutions for making sure that India’s carbon footprint is the lightest and the focus on energy is in tune with circumstances, culture and the social challenges. He laid stress on translational research.

He even wants the scientific communities to unite and find a solution in curing the problem of air pollution in Delhi. Modi asked the scientists to conduct outreach activities which can help in spreading awareness about science and its umpteenth possibilities.

The presentation given by scientists about the current work done in various fields seemed to fall flat on Modi and he wasn’t least impressed by it. He simply wants the change to start and complete the targets by the set year.

He has asked the officials for findings solutions to uplift and improves the lives of the common man in India. He wants the clear cut targets to be achieved before the 75th year of Indian independence i.e. by the year 2022.