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Recycling of metals helps in the preservation of natural resources.


Metals such as aluminum, tin cans, copper and even steel can be recycled. Steel is one metal that is recycled the most. In fact, steel used in production is a recycled one, almost 40% of times. However, the same is not true for other metal types. Only 30% of all metals really get recycled.

Though the process for each is different, we can ultimately get more from our metal mining efforts. Metal properties don’t get altered during the recycling process. The process usually includes the following processes:

Collection and segregation: Vehicles, ships, cans etc come to scrap yards which divide them by their types. Metal color or magnets may be used for classification

Shedding & melting: Each large surface is broken into small pieces for easy melting. Depending on size of the furnace and the volume, it can get melted within minutes or sometimes hours.

Purification and completion: Electrolysis may be used to remove impurities. Finally, the metal is solidified into various shapes for final consumption.


  • Recycling of metals helps in the preservation of natural resources. There are only limited resources which are getting depleted with over-consumption. With more recycling, you can get more out of less. It also helps in conserving the environment. The energy consumption level goes down and there is balance maintained. It is estimated that with recycling, we can save about 92% of the energy resources.
  • Increase in carbon emissions has become a global problem. Every year, a lot of carbon is being released into the atmosphere which has led to an alarming situation. Recycling the metals help in reducing the pollution level to prevent any further damage.
  • Recycling ensures that there are less wastage and more consumption. Proper utilisation of resources can be done this only.
  • Recycling is the best way to go for people who want to save money. Recycling the metals enables a reduction in cost since there will be more use out of the same metal. Recycling saves a lot of money on a regular basis. With respect to the Government, recycling enables the Government to save funds and invest in other significant areas.
  • Recycling metals also help in conservation of water. Water is used up in abundance for manufacturing various metals. With recycling, there will be lower consumption of water and electricity.
  • By dumping the metals, there is dispersion of metallic particles which disrupts the ecosystem.