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Solution to Thermostat Wars

Solution by which the office workers can simultaneously optimize the productivity and energy consumption

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Solution to Thermostat Wars

No matter what the season is, wars for thermostat are worldwide. Workers, bikers, and other staffs, alternatively have a complaint that it is too hot or too cold in the office.

According to the study of Journal of Energy and Buildings, there is a solution by which the office workers can simultaneously optimize the productivity and energy consumption. This helps in automatically controlling the office environment including the air quality, temperature, and lighting.

Raising the standards of the office environment impacts in the comfort of the office workers and other staffs, which in turn bring out the best in them.

Scientists have noticed that every time the employee looks at the thermostat, it is set at a different temperature level. Now, this temperature level may not be the same comfort level for all the workers. Some would prefer a high level of temperature and some might want a low level of temperature.

To make each employee comfortable at the same time would seem to be difficult as the office has a forced air system. The reason is that a single thermostat in an office controls the temperature of all the rooms of the office.

A single thermostat in the office means only the last person who touched it is happy with the temperature while the other employees might suffer. This is the reason for thermostat wars being experienced in so many offices.

A zoned system in the office enables the workers to choose temperatures according to their needs and preferences. Each worker can choose the temperature accordingly where he or she can spend more time comfortably.

Ohio Heating and Air Conditioning has helped many office workers from thermostat wars and helped them enjoy the comfortable working environment.

After data collection and implementing on it, HVAC comes up with the new technology giving hopes to the workers. They have designed an app called “Comfy” which will give the employees the ability to instantly cool or heat the environment as per their needs.

Investing in programmable thermostats allows workers to set specific temperature schedules throughout the day. This also helps in saving money on cooling costs by raising the temperature when nobody is in the office.

The researchers tested different occupancy scenarios and weather conditions of the outside taking into consideration the employee’s’ thermal struggle. After analyzing all the data and techniques, researchers came up with the different preferences of each worker in the office. They stated that employees enjoyed indoor temperatures, natural illumination, ventilation and sensor-based artificial lighting all over the office area.

Thus, in this way, thermostat wars can not only be avoided but a happy and comfortable work atmosphere can be created.