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Sun like Star Kronos shows signs of having ingested 15 earth masses

Sun like Star Kronos shows signs of having ingested 15 earth masses worth of Rocky planets, promoting astronomers to name it after the Titan, who ate his children

Sun like Star Kronos shows signs of having ingested 15 earth masses

The Sun is very important for life on Earth as all life forms here on earth depend on Sun. It is like an electric fence. It protects us but you get too close and comfortable and it will just finish you off. By being larger in size, it has a very supportive nature.  But nonetheless, it is very authoritative parent to us. However, it hasn’t been behaving badly with us. But, someone in our galaxy has.

A team from Princeton has finally found conclusive evidence that a star, Kronos, or HD240430, has been deciding many of the Rocky inner planets in its system over the course of its lifetime of roughly 4 billion years. It has a companion star too, but that has not been up to ask these forms of mischief. As a matter of fact Krios, or HD240429 has managed to leave all its planets unscathed.

Kronos has got its name because it has consumed approximately 15 of its planets and this seemed favorable to the case where a Greek Titan ears up his own children. Also we can more comfortably compare our sun with this star because their planetary structures are quite similar. This characteristic is so uncommon that astronomers and scientists are downright surprised and calling this phenomenon “dramatic”.

A study and thorough research of Kronos and Krios had revealed that they have almost the same quantities of volatile elements, which are generally found in the gaseous state, but Kronos apparently had an amazingly high amount of minerals that primarily formed rocks. Some of them include aluminium, silicon, iron etc. So, Kronos has all volatile elements suppressed, which is weird in case of stellar patterns of abundance. However the shocking conclusion was reached when the studies were taken a step further that all elements needed to be present in a rocky planet were present in Kronos. This could only mean one thing – Kronos has already gobbled up 15 planets orbiting it that were roughly the size and mass of the Earth. The planet engulfment scenario cropped up, though why this absurd process was gone through is yet to be discovered.

Well of course, the sun has passed some challenges for us, including some occasional quite dangerous solar flares and a few deviations from comfortable life conditions, but it has remained stable and satisfied. We only need to wait and watch for other such hungry and insatiable stars around, and keep a close lookout for them and their planetary systems.