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Every living organism requires energy for functioning. Organisms came from enzymes that made up everything.

On Earth, every living organism requires energy for functioning. Organisms came from enzymes that made up everything. New studies show that even though the sun might be perceived as dangerous to life owing to the hazardous ultraviolet radiation, but the solar energy derived from the sun has been instrumental in bringing out life on Earth.

Before the advent of life on Earth, sun served as the primary source of energy. The pre-biotic Earth was deficient in oxygen, but the sun converted the simple organic molecules into the complex ones which serve as the building blocks of life.



The new study suggests that the ultraviolet light might have been the factor that served as an ingredient for the enzymes which brought life to Earth. The sulphur and iron clusters, floating on the top of the Earth’s oceans, might have been formed because of the ultraviolet radiation since it contains iron salts and bio molecules.

The enzymes are the reason for the sustainability of life on Earth since they make everything from the very DNA repair to the respiration process. By analysing the genetics of humans, it was found that the presence of organic building blocks of life has been around since the evolution of human.



Earth did not have the protective ozone layer billions of years ago. This means that the high-energy ultraviolet radiation from the sun could easily reach the surface of the Earth unhindered and unfiltered without the layer of ozone.  This leads the scientists to believe that probably that is what led to the formation and synthesis of the building blocks of life or the compounds present around us that make up everything.

The scientists were amazed by the oxoacids formation which is one of the key buildings blocks of life. Whenever the oxoacid, example pyruvic acid, is dissolved into the water, in the presence of UV light, it reacts to make larger molecules. Sunlight comes to use whenever there is a need to develop any molecules that can be stable enough for existence in the environment.

The presence of oxygen is the reason why various reactions take place inside the living cells. In a way, the synthesis of iron and sulphur owes to the presence of sunlight.

This study is a huge step in finding out the origin of the life on the Earth.