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How Has Technology and Social Media Shaped the Leadership Style within the Millennial Generation?

Millennial are good at multi-tasking. With social media, technology and the Internet by their side, they provide an immense hope as a workforce.

How Has Technology and Social Media Shaped the Leadership Style within the Millennial Generation?

Millennial generation refers to people who were born between the years 1980 and 2000 and are considered as the latest emerging group of employees. Nearly one in every three American employees are millennial. This has clearly put this generation into focus as they are all set to change the face of the corporate world. Indeed, they are the future. With this background comes the need to adapt to newer leadership styles that can effectively lead the millennial generation and harness their power and all that they have to offer.

Thriving on Technology

The millennial have been born in a world that is surrounded by technology in every field. They grew up with iPhones, the Internet and laptops as their toys and sources of entertainment. They are much ahead of their predecessors who still resist using technology. The millennial generation spends a considerable amount of their daily hours behind screens tweeting, surfing online, texting, or posting updates. They know the art of connecting with people over the net. They can network better without any inhibitions. They are not afraid of collaborating with people who share their likes and interests and are always eager to learn more.

Social Media Addicts

While spending time on social media without any purpose can really prove to be a colossal waste of time, social media has its own uses. When used correctly and for the right reasons, the generation of today can make a huge impact on the organization they work for. Imagine a leader who only interacts with the 250 employees in his organization as opposed to a leader who chooses to use the potential of the millennial generation to market about their company’s achievements, and services it offers on social media. This not only puts the company on a global reach but also helps the interested prospective clients to take notice of the company and approach for any deals.

Tips to Lead the Millennial Generation

Here are some tips that the leaders can use to lead the millennial generation:

  • Flexibility: Since the millennial generation is all about the Internet and their gadgets, they may not always be the most comfortable to work within the confines of a 9 to 6 working hours schedule. A Bentley University study even showed that 77% of millennial felt a flexible work schedule made them more productive. Such adaptations in the leadership style that lets individuals work from home on some days are being widely incorporated now. With such advanced technology, managers can review the work of employees or keep a tag on their progress by tracking submissions on Google documents, for example, while simultaneously giving them the freedom to work at their own convenience.
  • Fluidity: Thanks to technology, today we have the options like video conferencing that facilitate carrying out important discussions even in cases where all the members cannot be present at the same location at the same time. On a micro level, millennial can be managed even when they are at outdoor locations. They can be sent instructions or reports through emails, provided for feedback, or simply stay connected on a multitude of social media platforms.
  • Growth: Millennial tend to stick around longer in an organization where they can grow and learn a lot from their superiors and leaders. If they are not provided with enough goals to be achieved or opportunities to take advantage of and learn in the process, they tend to start looking for other employment options. As a leader, it is imperative for you to keep them engaged in projects that tap their potential and allow them to develop. Regular feedback and frequent interactions go a long way in boosting their performance levels.
  • Reciprocal Mentoring Programs: Another significant trait that the leaders can adapt to manage the millennial generation today is by letting the predecessor generation provide the required training that will help the millennial learn the tricks of the trade. The millennial generation, in turn, can be used to teach their predecessor generation the skills they have of using technology or social media, working faster on the computers, managing reports and emails, for instance. This will work wonders on the overall development of the company where everyone can benefit.


Millennial are good at multi-tasking. With social media, technology and the Internet by their side, they provide an immense hope as a workforce. Leadership styles are gradually evolving by embracing these factors to flourish as an organization. Companies today are investing in an upgraded digital environment for the millennial to work in. Online learning programs, online communications and interactions, and flexible working hours are reshaping the leadership styles of the managers which are injecting a touch of positive energy in the corporate world and increasing the efficiency of the workforce.