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Home to the strangest weather, Amazon rainforest is surely a strange place.

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Home to the strangest weather, Amazon rainforest is surely a strange place. One of the most puzzling yet astonishing fact remains that the rains begin to happen almost two to three months before the onset of seasonal winds that can bring forward the moist air from oceans. The puzzling factor was the origin of moisture.

The newest study reveals the fact that the researchers have claimed that the source of the early moisture in the trees themselves. The scientists have always had this theory for a long time regarding trees having moisture but with recent studies, the solid evidence has been found regarding the same.

In the past, the scientists hadn’t been sure of the reason for the accumulation of the moisture in the atmosphere over the rainforest in Amazon. The scientists claimed to be able to see the water vapour but not gauge the reason behind it.

Now, the data collected from the satellites indicate that with the increase in the trees in the rainforest, there was an evident increase in the moisture. This led to the suspicion that the moisture could be the water vapour that was released during the process of photosynthesis. In plants, there is a process called transpiration which makes the plants release water vapour from the small pores that are present in the leaves.



The scientist, Ring Fu, now believes that the plants in the Amazon rainforest are releasing the moisture in heavy amounts which are the leading cause of the building of the low-level clouds over the Amazon. She just needed a proof for establishing a connection between forests and moisture.

She used Aura satellite from NASA to research about the low hanging clouds over Amazon. She founds two astonishing conclusions-

  • Water vapour released into the atmosphere through plants is heavier than the moisture that is evaporated from the oceans owing to the fact that during evaporation, there is a change in the isotopic composition of water as deuterium (a heavy isotope of hydrogen) remains in the ocean. While during the process of transpiration, the plants simply release water into the air without any change in the composition.
  • The earliest moisture in the rainforest contained deuterium- as proven by the data collected from the satellites. This proved that the water came from transpiration process and not from evaporation. When photosynthesis was at its peak, the content of deuterium was found to be the highest.

This proved that the trees in Amazon made their own rain.