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The microelectronics have a long way ahead and are being used in treating the chronic ailments

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When it comes to chronic ailments, a lot of things can adversely affect the outcome of the treatment such as lack of proper co-ordination between the patients and the doctors, issues related to the prescribed medicines, lack of patient compliance etc. The drugs which have a long therapeutic effect can reduce a number of daily doses. However, the patients grow too frustrated to comply easily.

The reasons for poor patient compliance arises from lack of motivation, frequent doses, the communication gap between the patient and the doctor, lack of family or friend support, poor financial conditions, the perception of the patient regarding the treatment etc.


Science is devising various strategies to work in this arena. The chronic ailments take a lot of time to be cured or for the pain to go away. There have been several medical implants taking place inside the human body to cure the problems. For example, in 1958, for the first time, a fully functional pacemaker was implanted in a human body which worked. Despite initial disbelief, people rely on the electronic ailments for the treatment today.

The society is ageing with time and there seems to be an emerging need for technical aids to improve the overall quality of life. Technology has always made it a point to make life easier. For example, Ambient Assisted Living is another way through which disabled or extremely old people are able to maintain their standard of living without bowing down in front of another human being. The integrated microelectronics and sensors measure the irregularities, check for vital signs of the patients and are able to alert in a critical situation.


The microelectronic implants are able to perform autonomic therapeutic measures based on the detection of the medical condition. With microelectronic, the diagnosis and treatment of the problem go hand in hand. The sensors, actuators and even signal processing are done within the implanted electronics.

This also reduced the time taken by the doctor for detecting the problem and the time spent in visiting the hospitals. Bioelectronic micro implants are being used medically for stimulating the nervous system in order to help to treat migraines, pain, depression, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Products like Orthosensor even have chronic smart implants that help in reducing the pain in spine and knee. The microelectronics have a long way ahead and are being used in treating the chronic ailments.