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Is Using Technology For Entertainment A Bad Thing?

Entertainment has been impacted upon by technological advancements.

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Is Using Technology For Entertainment A Bad Thing?

Before technology got mainstream, our lives were much simpler. Entertainment just meant hanging out with friends, going for a movie, playing a cricket or football game outside, listening to the radio, or simply curling up on your couch with a good book to read. But with the technology, we are surrounded by more gadgets than ever before. From gaming consoles of video games to iPads, Kindles and Laptops, it’s like we are chained to these devices and lost within the technological black hole. Have we really reached a point of no return where we turn to our gadgets for any forms of entertainment or can things be brought under control?

How Technology Has Changed the Entertainment Industry

Today, every form of entertainment has been impacted upon by technological advancements. Let’s have a look at how different entertainment mediums have evolved over the years.

  • Music: Many years ago, our main source of music and songs used to be the radio and families would sit together to enjoy their favorite shows. People would buy cassettes and CDs to enjoy the songs they loved. But gone are those days as today our MP3 players have been replaced by iPods and smartphones that store our music and let us groove to it while on the move. Technology has reshaped what we listen to and where we can access it from. Kids of the current generation would never know what it is like to sit with your family and enjoy a good show on the radio or discover a new artist together.
  • Television and Online Streaming: Back in the old days, you would be considered lucky if you had a TV. All the friends would gang up and watch cartoons together or their favorite shows. It was a simpler time and that’s how easy it was to make friends back then. But today, everyone has a separate TV in their rooms. You can record shows and play them later, you need no one else. To keep you confined to your rooms even longer, there are companies like Amazon and Netflix that make it even more convenient for you to obtain your entertainment online. So now, you would rather enjoy your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Seinfeld marathon than step out of the comfort of your cozy bed to socialize. Guilty as charged?
  • Internet and Social Media: Ever since the Internet became affordable by the people, the real world took a backseat. We got sucked into the virtual world so much that it became more comfortable to be in front of a screen than to be face-to-face with a real person. We now have hundreds of friends on Facebook and hundreds may follow us on Twitter, but not many we can call our true friends. More than real relationships and interacting with real people, we find contentment in talking to a stranger we think is our friend and invest in online relationships.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Research has shown that kids today from a very young age are spending more time in front of the screens. Be it for academic purposes or entertainment, a large chunk of their days get spent dealing with devices. Instead of indulging in outdoor activities, they are more inclined towards playing the next FIFA match on their PS4. This is not only affecting their social abilities but also hampering their mental growth, their reasoning power, and their intelligence levels.

How Technology Has Impacted Us

Since entertainment has become so freely available and accessible the generation today has become accustomed to instant gratification. At the mere click of a button, we can download a movie, listen to our favorite albums, and read up about anything under the sun that we fancy. Our attention spans have turned shorter and we have become less patient. Not to say there are no benefits of technology, but it has all come at a very dear cost that we have slowly begun to realize.


Using technology for entertainment is not a bad thing but having said that, we should not let that be the only source of happiness. Remember to take a break from all your gadgets so you can be in touch with yourself. Take out time to do things you loved doing before you became a slave to your gadgets unknowingly. Catch a movie with your friends, take a stroll in the park with your partner, go out on a picnic with your parents, and get back the joy of living truly instead of solely relying on technology to boost up your spirits. While technology may succeed in providing you short bursts of energy and happiness, it is only our human interactions and relationships with our family and friends that can provide us with the deep sense of belonging and happiness we all crave for and rightly deserve.