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Black holes are one of the strangest but the most interesting objects in the space

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Black holes are one of the strangest but the most interesting objects in the space. A black hole is an area of space that exhibits strong gravitational effects such that nothing can pass through it. This area doesn’t allow light or even the tiniest particles to escape through it. The primary step for formation of a black hole is expected to be due to the gravitational collapse of two masses such as stars. There could be other reasons for the formation of black hole too.


There are primarily 3 types of black holes; stellar, supermassive and intermediate black holes.

Stellar black holes are formed by the collapse of relatively small stars which are dense. Gravitational collapse occurs when a mass’s internal pressure is not sufficient to resist its own gravity. For stars, it happens because they have too little fuel to maintain their normal temperature. Collision leads to gravitational force pulling all the objects around it. Black holes consume gases and dust like food from the galaxy, thus growing in size.

Supermassive black holes are 10 million times bigger in size than the stellar black holes. It could be compared to the mass of the sun. Such black holes lie in almost the centre of every galaxy. This hole may occur due to the compilation of hundreds of tiny black holes. Merging of large gas clouds could also be responsible for the formation of the supermassive black hole.

The intermediate black holes as the name suggests are mid-sized black holes. Such holes are formed when stars in a cluster collide together.

These holes are massive but they cover only a small area. They are extremely powerful in the gravitational pull because of the relationship between mass and gravity. There is nothing that can escape from a black hole. It traps it all.


The black hole has three layers; outer and inner event horizon and the singularity.

The inner region where the mass lies is called the singularity. It is a single point where the mass of the hole is concentrated. The event horizon is a hole in the boundary around the mouth of the black hole from where the light cannot enter. It traps everything that comes to this point.

There isn’t any way that has profoundly indicated how a black hole functions. Advancements are taking place to know more about it.