Q-1. What is JustScience all about?
A-1. JustScience is exactly what the name suggests. It is all about Science. You will find comprehensive, easy-to-understand content on all the Sciences- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Space Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Environmental Sciences.

Q-2. What is the age group that JustScience caters to?
A-2. Our content is suitable for consumption by kids of all ages. We try to include simpler content that children as young as ten can comprehend, while some content is more complex and is suitable for older kids, such as those in the age group of 15 to 18. That said, JustScience is a mine of information and knowledge for anyone who is interested in Science and Mathematics- adults and kids alike. Parents and teachers too can tap into our vast fount of content as teaching aids for the kids in their care.

Q-3. What information will I find on careers related to Science?
A-3. We have a very good section on science-related career, called STEM Career. Here, we give in-depth information on a huge number of careers that a student interested in Science and Mathematics can pursue. We’ve put in long hours of painstaking research, so that students can find all the information they need on wide-ranging STEM careers and professions, all under one roof. We have collated together data such as what the field is all about, what is the education required (with respect to degrees, etc.), the work environment of that profession, and so on.

Q-4. What is STEM?
A-4. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is the academic study of these disciplines at the school level, so that children are well-equipped to pursue higher education in these fields. STEM education creates intellectuals, innovators, inventors, leaders, critical thinkers and problem-solvers.No other discipline opens up critical thinking skills in children as much as STEM education does. Exposing children to STEM concepts at a young age stimulates them to explore this exhilarating and crucial field of study in later life.

Q-5.How does your site inspire kids who desire to make it big in STEM related fields?
A-5. We have included a very interesting section on this site, called STEM Inspire. Here, kids will find hundreds of Science Articles on individuals who have broken stereotypes- of class, gender, race and age- to make remarkable discoveries, inventions and innovations. We have articles on teen scientists who have invented gadgets, discovered scientific theories or spear-headed innovations in STEM fields at tender ages. In this section, we also cover the myriad, perilous endeavours that NASA scientists have accomplished. Lastly, we have articles on well-known scientists- living and dead- who have dominated our collective conscious with their discoveries, inventions and theories that changed the world.