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Lottery for Palaeontologists- Almost Intact Armoured Dinosaur Fossil Found In Canada

One hot March afternoon in 2011, Shawn Funk, a miner working his excavator down the vastness of the Millennium Mines in Alberta, Canada, hit something that was much harder than the surrounding rock he was digging through. Closer inspection revealed a walnut coloured rock-like structure displaying a bizarre pattern- row after row of sandy brown disks, each ringed in gunmetal grey stone.

How Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

Around 66 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. They were the most dominant of land animals and the most ferocious too. Until that time, they had lived on earth for 165 million years! Compare that with the rise of the homo sapiens- we have been on earth for only about 2 million years- and 165 million years seems such a long, long time. Which brings us to the question- why did a species that dominated earth so absolutely and for so long become extinct all of a sudden?